We are only able to offer this service for clients that have completed a full inventory report with us. This allows us to cross reference the inventory report with the check in, out and interim check process and be able to highlight any areas of concern within the property whilst having the ability to make the necessary changes to the report, should there be any.

Checking In

On moving day your tenant will be met by one of our inventory clerks. The tenant will be provided with description of a property and all its rooms, including fittings, such as radiators, lights, furniture, decoration and flooring; additionally, a record of the condition and cleanliness of the property. Our reports cover every room in the property, including and any garden spaces or parking areas and our written inventories are supported with photographs of the property.

During this time the tenant is encouraged to look around the property while cross-referencing the inventory as this adds to peace of mind and reinforces the information recorded on the inventory. Once agreed the tenant will be issued with an Inventory report to sign.

Interim Check

At Vankero we also provide a Mid Term Report during the letting agreement. We use a Traffic Light System to effectively prevent any disputes between Landlords and Tenants over damages and wear and tear. The Traffic Light System operates in a way that identifies key areas in the property and labels these particular spaces with either Red, Yellow or Green highlighting areas that require attention.

The interim check is a thorough and comprehensive process that presents a snapshot of your property’s current condition.

An ideal interim report will label all areas with a Green Light meaning there is no maintenance required and no damages recorded. A Green Light will also confirm that there are no faults reported or items missing or requiring the Landlord’s further attention. The Traffic Light
System is thorough and comprehensive and allows for the Landlord to make informed immediate decisions about the condition of the property and any maintenance work that may be required.

Checking Out

When the tenancy agreement has come to an end we use our Property Inventory and Condition Report to cross reference and carry out a final inspection. As well as the property’s condition and cleanliness we also record and photograph utility meter readings.

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